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HFSA Meeting minutes 6th November 2017


Sam Goddard

Alison Jackson

Jo McLellan

Katrina Preston


Update on conference numbers

24 pre-booked.

7 new bookings no yet paid.


Financial update:

£1373.07 in the bank.

Still waiting for payment from members to join and pay for conference.


Costs of conference:

£100 venue

£250 + travel

£150 + travel

£150 + travel

£100 + travel

£212 cost?

29.80 cups

Total 991.80 + travel


Food bookings were discussed:


11 cakes

Offer 4 cakes to workshop leaders


Lessons for next time:

  • Food to be included.
  • Online payments

Action points:

  • JM to Contact Jo Smith to see if she is still come.
  • JM to pick up teas and coffees and squash.
  • Ali to print food vouchers
  • KP to lend 3 gazebos
  • KP to bring wish tree / sign and leaves
  • Sam to create evaluation form
  • Sam to welcome and introduce the conference
  • JM holders from CC
  • Ali to print names
  • Information stand for HFSA membership forms and banner.

November 21st, 2017

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