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Monday 16th September – A small group of members had a BRILLIANT session at Almeley, making music – and instruments – with Bym in the wood. A convenient downpour (including hail) at the start of the session was quickly utilised to make sounds by placing a variety of containers underneath the drops falling from the edge of a tarpaulin. A strategically placed umbrella can be used to similar effect. We managed to make an amazing sound using stick beaters on log drums and we learned a few songs and chants. A forked stick plus empty baked bean tin and a bit of string and we had created our own guitars. Another forked stick with string tied between the forks on which was threaded shells, elder beads and anything else we could find, created a shaker. We each chose a sound to make and Bym showed us how to make a grid and then discussed ways of associating our ‘sound’ with an individual square so as he pointed to each square we played our ‘sounds’ at the appropriate time – great idea for getting children to concentrate, listen and follow a rhythm. The session was great fun and very inspiring with lots of ideas to take back to our groups.Thank you for organising this Sam and to Bym for leading it.

September 17th, 2013

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