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We had a lovely Outdoor Drama Games session delivered to the group last night by local Drama teacher Jess Mckenzie. Thanks to all who attended and to Widemarsh Children’s Centre for hosting. We had great fun playing fun games outdoors. One of my favourites is below!

Game: Red ball, Blue ball. Stand in a circle, start with an (invisible) red ball. One person starts to throw the ball around the circle. Must say the name of the person you are throwing it to and the colour of the ball. When the other person catches the ball they acknowledge the colour of the ball and say thanks. Continue to throw the ball around the circle, introduce different colour balls as the game progresses until there are 4/5. When the game ends, see if the group can remember where all the balls are and what colour they are!

Any ideas for further CPD sessions gratefully received.

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June 26th, 2015

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