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This will take place at the Maylord Orchard meeting room in Hereford on Tuesday 11th February 2014 at 4.00pm for the meeting to start at 4.15pm. We would love as many people as possible to attend – the business part of the evening will be kept as short as possible (we promise!) – but it would be great to find out what is going on in Herefordshire and how people would like this group to support Forest School provision in the County. We know there are many people in Herefordshire who are passionate about Forest School and we would like group meetings to be an opportunity for those people to get together and share this passion! If you would like to come along but cannot make it on that date or at that time, please still let us know you are interested and how you would like the group to develop. One vision is for the group to be a driving force behind ensuring that as many children as possible are able to access quality Forest School provision in Herefordshire at some point.

January 24th, 2014

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